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Introducing Solterre,
the new barefoot luxury living
destination in Cockleshell Bay, St. Kitts.

Exquisitely envisioned residences
perched at the point between sun and sea.
Where the tradewinds blow gently across the waters,
and natural wonders are waiting to be unearthed.

Here, beauty, discovery, and unexpected
treasures await, from sunrise to sunset.

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Solterre Cockleshell Bay Map

Solterre is an elevated residential experience
set on Cockleshell Bay, the most sought-after
destination in St. Kitts.

Our beachfront destination boasts crescent-shaped
white sand beaches, the meeting of tradewinds,
and the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean
and the Caribbean Sea just beyond.

At all times of day, residents can take in breathtaking
views of St. Kitts’ sister islands, Nevis, just across the water.

A unique destination.
The Point Between Sun and Sea.